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English Theatre Christmas 2014

The Twelfth Season of the English Theatre


Our school has been organizing the English-speaking drama club together with the director Nika Śtěpánková and the sound engineer Aleš Launer since 2002. The beginnings were connected with our English teacher Markéta Dehnerová, who started to lead the club and developed it to perfection.

The first play, called Džungle před tabulí, was successfully performed. The play is based on the book written by American writer Evan Hunter ( Ed McBain) and the scriptwriter was Nika Śtěpánková ( mentioned above). We achieved tremendous success even in Slovakia where we staged the play for the first time.

The second play, Jack the Ripper, is a true story set in England of the 19th century.

The third play, Sweet Sixties, incorporated new, even younger actors. It develops the story of a gang of young people from the 1980‘s.

The fourth play, Like the Flinstones, brings us back into the Stone Age.

And here is the list of following plays:
Lord of the Flies
Oliver Twist
The Witches
Nut from Arizona

The most recent play The Lord of the Flies is a loose interpretation of the English bestseller written by William Golding. It deals with castaways on a remote, uninhabited island and the viewer can follow how characters do their best to rescue themselves. The story does not lack thrill or dramatic twists. It was seen in the last week before Christmas by some 3000 students of primary and secondary schools. Since the success was immense, the play was performed again in February 2010.

As Markéta Bilanová has left the school, she is successfully substituted by the new leader of the club, Zuzana Šubertová.

The list of plays we have already performed

Lord of the Flies
Oliver Twist
The Witches
Nut from Arizona
Like the Flinstones
Sweet Sixties
Jack the Ripper
Džungle před tabulí

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